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Alone yesterday

Let the fire breath me back to life

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OMG XD Kuroshitsuji II!
I really thought it was not going to be worth watching, but I'm so glad I was wrong. I'm speechless, I did not see this coming XD
Sebastian and Ciel are back!!!!! 8D  'inserts loud fangirl scream'

I really don't know what happened in most of the episode, but I'm happy just knowing he is alive XD
patiently waits for subs...

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*screams like a fangirl and faints*
but it's so late already ;; *has to wait till tomorrow*

I don't think anyone saw this coming XD
joins you in your screams!

...ooookay. I'll watch this.
... ... ...though I was sort of happy when the first season ended with Ciel being probably killed.
...and now if I tell sis when she wakes up, she'll be like wtf... ... ...so yeah, Kuroshitsuji anime sort of sucks...

BUT I'll still watch this season! The new servant boys were kind of cute~ ^^

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