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Alone yesterday

Let the fire breath me back to life

The last actual entry I made here was a few years ago, time goes by so fast! I would like to blame writers block, but I feel like I finally got over it and have tons of things to write about. It's so crazy that last time I wrote in here I was about to graduate from high school, so many thing have changed. College graduation is in half a year and my plans for after college are still up in the air, but for the first time I don't really care. I am actually taking a year off before going back to do more school, which gives me so many opportunities of trying new things during that time. One of my goals is to write here more often of course!!

Recently I haven't really watched much anime, but do watch a few tv shows here and there. So expect updates on tv shows and maybe movies. Apart from that expect updates around here about all sorts of random real life stuff!


Graduation! ^_^
Will of Abyss

Wow,  haven't post anything in a while :( ...

Yay, I graduate from High School tomorrow XD! And if there is anyone else who is also graduating this year from my f-list Emel-chan XD, CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!

I'm really excited, though a little nervous... I have to speak in front of my whole class and all of the other guests ^^; I hope I don't stutter or something. It took me forever to write my speech and I hope it's good enough; I'll probably have a horrible time trying to sleep tonight...
Tomorrow I have to go at 10:00am to practice for the ceremony, and then the actual graduation is in the afternoon. After that, my parents are holding a small dinner/party for me, with some family friend coming over, since I don't really have any relatives that can come :(. Finally, at night they are holding a sort of party for all of the graduates, which I'm attending XD. So...I have a pretty busy day tomorrow...

While reading the newspaper today (they have this special edition on the newspaper with the list of graduates from all of the schools in the city and towns close by) I notice that some of the graduating classes in the small towns are really small, some with only six students, while the biggest high school has almost 700 students graduating. So, I was wondering, how big is/was your graduating class f-list? Mine has 267 people graduating, which means graduation will last for about two hours, but I'm curious about how long a 700 student graduation will last, or a very small one for that matter? Please share any thoughts on this! :D

I will probably post a few pics from graduation next week, if I do, it will be after Tuesday since I'm going out of town on Sunday.

Till next time! x)


Late =_=;!
So, I actually got back from my trip about a week ago, but I was busy since school started right away and I was also being lazy ^^;
I know is like SUPER late, but I hope everyone had a Happy New Year!!!

I know I did, even though I just stayed home and watched movies XD

Speaking of school, I'll probably go missing again till spring break ;; but I still read every ones entries and stalk LJ everyday XD I just don't comment as much.

I also wanted to share this good news with everyone, I GOT ACCEPTED INTO COLLEGE!!!!!!!!!! XD *jumps up and down*
I applied to two different ones and already got a reply from one of them, though I'm still not sure I'm going to that one, I will wait for the other college to reply and then will choose from there. I’m really happy at the moment, they accept me into the major I wanted and everything, so yeah!! :D

Lastly, I want to wish a late Happy Birthday to everyone that I missed!!! I totally fail at been on time X(!
and since I don't want to be late anymore lol, I want to wish an early Happy Birthday to Lily! I hope you are all well now! :)

OMG XD Kuroshitsuji II!
I really thought it was not going to be worth watching, but I'm so glad I was wrong. I'm speechless, I did not see this coming XD

Interviewing: Anise Baskerville
Since I don't have anything else to do, I decided to do the questions for the interview that ocean_ripples and some others did :D. Also, after reading everyone’s answer I realized I have so much to catch up with in the rps, there's so many new thread I haven't read ;;
So anyways, here's Anise interview...
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<3 memes! :)
School is been so cruel lately, so much work T.T. Luckily, I finally had time to answer the meme, yay! :D Tagged by maze_of_spades

If you've been tagged, you must write your answers in your own LJ
and replace any question that you dislike with a new question.
Tag eight people. Don't refuse to do that. Don't tag who tagged you.

#01 What song are you currently addicted to?
Harari by Yoshioka Aizu, I can't get enough of this song, it's simply beautiful

#02 What books are you currently reading?
Fahrenheit 451, we are reading it in English class. At first I thought it wasn't going to be interesting, but it turns out that I actually like it a lot, makes you think about a lot of things and those kind of books are precious

#03 What was the last movie you saw?
Angels and Demons, you though I was going to say Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland right. It actually was, before I watched Angels and Demons two day ago XD
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Will of Abyss
Tagged by azeher :D

1. Write your username.
2. Write your 2 favourite bands/groups of the moment.
3. Write something you ♥, aka let me see your heart.
4. Write the name of your favourite person of all time.
5. Write the name of your recent favoured person.
6. Tag 6 people to do this meme.

I have bad handwriting, so sorry for having to see it X(
I tag konayuki_winter, wolferian, senriryouranger, thats everyone that I know of that hasn't been tag yet from my friends list, but I have bad memory XD So anyone that wants to do it, DO IT!

Anise Baskerville - RP Character Sheet

House – Baskerville

Age – Appears 13 (actually 25)

Gender – Female

Eye Color – Grey

Hair Color – Black

Appearance – She looks rather childish and usually wears girly clothes in dark colors, believing that light colors are to be worn only by good people. Her hair is always down because tiding it up it’s too much trouble. Always wears a necklace with the shape of a silver star with black wings, which belonged to her deceased mother. Also carries a dark green book with her where she writes important things that happen and information she gathers, sort of like a diary.

Weapons – Carries two double-blade knives, which she only uses in case of emergency. She is however exceptional good with them and is a pro in close combat. She can also use a sword fairly well, but they are too heavy and troublesome to carry, or so she says.

Personality – Since she blames herself for her parents' and Lora's death, who died while protecting her, she is afraid of getting close to people and thus is not very sociable. She is polite and acts like a proper lady, but may be sarcastic at times when someone really annoys her. Anise loves to deceive people with her innocent and childish looks and will do whatever it takes to accomplish what she wants. She is rather bright and would think twice before getting involved in a fight if she doesn’t have some kind of advantage. She rarely smiles and it’s rather emotionless. She doesn’t really trust anyone, except for Adolphus, who she believes is her only true friend.However, she is very loyal to the Baskervilles and their cause; and while she would never admit it she does care about them. She is rather obsessed with finding Glen.

ChainAdolphus (Anise calls him Ady for short, even though it annoys him), a big white wolf with red wings; which he can make his wings appear and disappear at will. Really fast, strong, and good in close combat. He can talk, but does it rarely and only talks with Anise. He can create some kind of mist that makes his enemies unable to see their surroundings properly, which he and Anise usually use to retreat safely from a fight, or to have an advantage in a fight since Adolphus and Anise can see perfectly fine in the mist. Anise can share this ability with others, but needs to have physical contact with them, like holding hands. Adolphus is also able to erase a person’s memory, but the person has to be unconscious for him to do this since when someone is unconscious their mind is weaker. Anise has use this ability in the past on people that have discovered her true identity. An extremely loyal chain who is always protecting Anise from danger.

Background Story – Her family has served the Baskervilles for many generations, they come from a minor noble family . However, they have served so long they actually changed their last names to Baskerville somewhere along the way.
Her parents were killed while trying to protect her when she was 5 years old. The incident left her psychologically scar and she ended up mute as a result. She was raised by a woman called Lora Varney who worked for the Baskerville. She was her only friend at the time. She spend most of her childhood locked up in a room because of her muteness and due to Lora's paranoia. This was Lora’s way of protecting her, since she though the others would bully her because of her disability.
During the tragedy of Sabrie, Anise didn’t participate in the killings since she didn’t have a chain and was too young. When Sabrie was plunged into the Abyss both Anise and Lora were sent there as well.While in the Abyss, they were attack by other chains and Lora was fatally wounded. Before she died she order Adolphus, who was Lora's chain at the time, to protect Anise no matter what, which he has done ever since. After Lora died, Anise and Adolphus were able to escape, she also regain her voice at that time, and after finding the other Baskerville they joined them and are now also looking for Glen.
She attends Latowidge as a spy for the Baskervilles; since there are a lot of nobles and some people from the Duke houses there. At school she goes by the name of Anise Varney. It’s believed that she was the one that alerted Lotti, Fang, and Doug about Oz Vessalius presence in the school some time ago. She knows about most of the secret passages in the school and she can go in and out of the school whenever she wants.

Other Information

~ She love rainy days
~ Attends tea parties only to gather information (and even though she denies it, it’s also because she love to drink tea)
~ Hates the Latowidge uniforms because they are all white
~ Has a soft spot for children and will not harm them if she can avoid it
~ A vegetarian
~ Can read lips
~ Usually travels long distances on Adolphus back
~ She as a crush on someone…


~Mother – Adele Baskerville
~Father – Andre Baskerville
~Louis Baskerville – Anise’s brother, he also attends Latowige with Anise posing has his servant, for spying purposes. Louis took over the Sirrchetoph family, after the former head died; he is supposedly the last Sirrchetoph left alive and now controls all of their properties. This is the cover he currently has and Anise is therefore posing as a servant to the Sirrchetoph family. Anise cares a great deal for him, but never shows it; due to her fear of getting close to others and of losing him like she lost her parents, she is cold towards him and does not even calls him brother.
~Bethesda Baskerville – Fellow Baskerville, Beth has a bad habit of getting Anise's name wrong, usually calling her Ansie.

Hi everyone in LJ! ;)
Will of Abyss
I just join LiveJournal today and I hope to make lots of friends and to meet interesting people here ;D. I'm 15 years old and love anything that has to do with anime and manga, my latest obsession is Pandora Hearts by Mochizuki Jun. I also have read and watch other animes like Fruits Basket, Ouran High Shool Host Club, Vampire Knight, Shugo Chara, Spiral, Gakuen Alice and the list goes on XD. My favorite hobbies are reading, writing, make icons, color, draw and play the violin. I look forward to have fun around here :D!